Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry

Serving Children of All Ages and Needs

We specialize in Pediatric Dentistry for infants, children, and adolescents.

Our Services Include:

Preventative Care

Preventative care starts with good dental habits, regular cleaning and dental visits to Pediactric Dental OKC, and of course a healthy diet. We're here to help make sure any dental problems can be prevented and to guide you and your child every step of the way.

Dental Sealants vs Fillings

Dental Sealants

This white colored material is placed into the grooves on permanent back teeth, which is where 80% of cavities originate. It's a painless and quick process, that can significantly help in preventing cavities.

White tooth colored Dental Fillings for Teeth

Tooth-Colored Fillings

These fillings allow the least amount of tooth structure removal when a cavity is treated as well as being much more cosmetic and natural looking than the silver metal fillings of the past. They are made of resin, bond strongly to the tooth, do not contain mercury, and are the most common used dental filling material used. When possible, this is our 1st choice for fixing a tooth in the front or back of your child's mouth.

Beautiful white crowns for teeth

Pediatric Crowns

When a tooth is compromised too much to hold a filling that will last, we may recommend placing a crown. There are many reasons a tooth may need a crown including size of cavity, developmental issues, and many other parameters included in the American Academy of Pediatric Dental's guidelines.

We will discuss these reasons and recommendations when we perform our individual exam. These are available in tooth colored and silver. We typically recommend tooth colored - white crowns on the front teeth and silver (stainless steel) in the back. We also offer white crowns for back teeth, if the parent desires and the clinical exam allows this procedure to be successful.

Dental Mouth Guards for Teeth

Mouth Guards

These are sometimes recommended for sleeping habits that are damaging the teeth or jaw or may be helpful in growth and development of your child.
Athletic guards are recommended for ANY active athletic event to keep your child's teeth safe! We will discuss this recommendation or interest, specifically for your child.

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Sedation Dentistry

We offer multiple options for Dental Sedation within our practice. Our main goal in choosing a sedation modality is to ensure the highest quality care in a safe and pain-less manner. If you have any questions or concerns about these options, please allow our staff and doctors to provide clarity and answer any concerns.

Sedation option - Light Sedation

Light Sedation

This process utilizes Nitrous Oxide (aka laughing gas, funny air) and is very safe for your child. Effect is over within a few minutes of finishing the procedure.

Sedation option - Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation

Performed in our office by our qualified and experienced doctors and staff. This medication is given orally, then maintains responsiveness throughout the procedure while providing amnesic/sleepy dental success.

Sedation option - Deep Sedation

Deep Sedation

This is performed in office by our qualified and experienced Certified Nurse Anesthetist, alongside our specialty trained doctors and staff. The patient is safely asleep and sedated while receiving dental care, within our office.

Sedation option - Sleep Dentistry

General Anesthesia / Sleep Dentistry

This process is performed by well trained general anesthesia team at an outpatient facility, alongside our hospital trained dental providers and dental staff.

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Specialty Care

Our goal is to provide a safe and exceptional specialty experience while guiding both you and them every step of the way in giving them a healthy and happy smile they are proud to share with the world.

Our facility has state of the art x-ray capabilities

Low Radiation X-Rays

Our x-rays are performed in facility using all state-of-the-art, digital, low radiation exposure equipment that provide us with the best views of your child's teeth and structures. This is a necessary process, when recommended by our doctors, in providing comprehensive care.

We can perform Frenectomies to help your child's smile

Frenectomies: Tongue & Lip Ties

A frenectomy is a simple surgical procedure that removes the frenulum; a small fold of tissue that prevents the tongue or lips from moving too far.

This is performed either inside the middle of the upper lip or under the tongue which will increase the range of motion of the tongue or closes a gap in a patient's upper front teeth. We specialize in newborn frenectomies and offer same day service.

Therapy to help stop your child's thumb sucking habit

Thumb / Tongue Habit Therapy

At each visit we will discuss thumb, finger, pacifier, and tongue habits, while providing recommendations based on age and habit history.

We guide your child in each step of treatment


From the moment you enter our practice, we will use modeling and behavior management specific to your child's age and developmental level.

Everything we do in our office from the environment design, the games, open areas for children to interact and provide modeling, friendly and clean decor and so on, is to provide and encourage the process of pediatric dental success.

Our staff will TELL what we're doing, SHOW your child what's expected from them, then help them DO it! This is the overall concept of pediatric dentistry's interactive process.

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