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Your Child's First Visit - What to Expect

Initial visits can be as simple as a child's 1st cleaning, or even just an office visit to explore what the dentist is like!

As a parent, you can make a BIG difference by leaving any non-productive experiences or descriptions out of the pre-visit discussions; ie: we work very hard to limit (eliminate) our usage and vocabulary (shots, needles, drilling, pulling, pain) so that we can find great success together! You'll quickly learn our vocabulary for success when you watch and listen on your visit.

Your child's 1st dental appointment experience can make a HUGE difference!

Whether your child has never been, has already been and is being referred due to an unpleasant or fearful experience, or is a seasoned dental patient, we will ensure their experience with us is pleasantly memorable! This is our goal and priority for your child's 1st visit to the dentist.
We will make this visit as effective and efficient as possible.

Before Arriving...

To help expedite your visit, please click on the New Patient Forms button below and fill out the necessary forms if possible.

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Our talented and specialty trained staff members will guide you and your child through exploring your top concerns, gathering information with questions, exam, x-rays, medical history review, teeth cleaning (if desired/needed) in our state-of-the-art, specialty-designed pediatric office!

Once we have gathered our findings, indications and recommendations, you and the doctor will discuss your child's comprehensive dental plan including any growth and development recommendations for their current stage.

This visit will provide what we need to recommend:

» Your child's cleaning and exam schedule
» Any Orthodontic considerations
» Any dental restorative procedures they are in need of receiving

Keep dental routines for your children

If indicated, we will provide recommendations and options of how we can best get your child's teeth repaired and back into full health.

As specialists, we often see patients who are sent for existing concerns already found in a referring dental office, which require specialty care. We will provide the same introduction and process, making sure our specialty doctors have all the information needed to recommend care for your child, such that they will return to full oral health and back to their original dentist.

If x-rays have already been taken in the referring office, we will attempt to retrieve those and/or take any additional images required to provide comprehensive care.

Do I stay with my child during their dental visits?

We will ask you to participate and join your child through all exams, cleanings, x rays, consults and routine dental visits.

We want and need your input

When possible, we will have you present while your child receives their sedative and assure you we will reunite you as soon as possible after treatment. However, for the safety and success we sincerely desire for your child, we do ask that you allow your child to accompany our friendly and exceptionally equipped staff through the advanced dental experience, should they need additional dental care with fillings, extractions, crowns, etc.

We are highly experienced in helping children overcome anxiety.

Photo of a happy Pediatric Dental patient

This process allows our dental staff to build a closer rapport with your child and we have found remarkable success alongside this widely accepted pediatric process.

Separation anxiety is not uncommon in children, so please try not to be too concerned if your child exhibits negative behavior. This is normal and will soon diminish, especially when combined with our individually recommended sedation modality.

Studies and experience have shown that most children react more positively when permitted to experience the dental visit on their own and in an environment suited and designed specifically for children.

If you have any questions:

View our Frequently Asked Questions or please do not hesitate to Contact Us! We are here to help!
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